Married to the Bad Boy by Vanessa Waltz

Married to the Bad Boy by Vanessa WaltzMarried to the Bad Boy by Vanessa Waltz
Series: Cravotta Crime Family #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 416

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No one in their right mind marries a bad boy...

I'm a player. A heartbreaker. Whatever the hell you want to call it, I get around.

During the day I crack heads and extort businesses. At night I find girls. I live to hear them moan for me, but one night is all they get. No one ever made me want more.

Until her.


The moment her lips wrapped around me, I was done. All day I think about running my tongue all over those curves.

Too bad those curves are off limits. She's running from a man who will kill me for touching her.

Well, she's tired of running and needs my help.

She thinks I'm doing it for money.

I'm doing it to make her mine.

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