Witchcraft by Katie M. John

Witchcraft by Katie M. JohnWitchcraft by Katie M. John
Series: The Meadowsweet Chronicles #1
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 455

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Ever since its earliest days, the small English village of Heargton has been steeped in the occult. Tales of witchcraft and paranormal activity have been part of the local folklore for generations. Some people blame the lay lines that intersect at the very centre of the village, others blame a terrible curse.

700 years on, Heargton Village still holds dark secrets, and when one of the village girls falls victim to a terrible ritual killing, the old superstitions resurface.

At the heart of these whispers are the Meadowsweet sisters. All beautiful, all charming, all eccentric, but it is the middle daughter, seventeen-year-old Fox, who captures the imagination of American newcomer Jeremiah Chase; a deviant New York playboy sent to live with his Aunt in the Chase ancestral home of Coldstone Hall. A place that has its own grisly history.

But, as Jeremiah discovers the history of the Meadowsweet Sisters, the Chase family history is also unearthed, leading Jeremiah to understand that good and evil are not always on opposing sides.

A tale of witchcraft, demons and ghosts, blending traditional English folklore with the American Gothic.

The Forest of Adventures by Katie M. John

The Forest of Adventures by Katie M. JohnThe Forest of Adventures by Katie M. John
Series: The Knight Trilogy #1
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 332

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For Mina Singer, falling in true love was never part of the plan. Then the mysterious Blake Beldevier arrives at the start of the new college term. With his out of step chivalry, his serious, brooding face, and his glittering eyes, Mina finds herself drawn towards him and his secrets.

But after a series of strange, unfathomable encounters, Mina isn't sure Blake Beldevier is the Knight in shining armour he is pretending to be. Cloaked in a secret past, Blake Beldevier appears to have appeared from nowhere. No family. No friends.

And the further Mina ventures into the forest to discover Blake Beldevier's secrets, the deeper she is drawn into a world she thought only existed in legends. A world where magic and evil still co-exist, and where there is a terrible game of hearts about to begin.