Demon Hunter by Rachel Medhurst

Demon Hunter by Rachel MedhurstDemon Hunter by Rachel Medhurst
Series: Viking Soul #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 153

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Once a demon hunter, always a demon hunter

Witches, vampires and shifters used to fear me in their sleep, afraid that I would kill them for their dealings with demons. Now I, the ancient Norse warrior, grandson of Thor, hunter of demons, am little more than a myth. That is about to change.

After being alive for a thousand years, my hunt for demons is coming to an end… and so is my life. With only five ancient evil ones hiding in the modern world of paranormals, I’m on their trail, trying to return them to hell before they turn the underground into their playground.

When Chloe finds me, she claims she’s a gift from the gods, sent to help me defeat those who would drag the paranormal creatures into the depths of their evil. Will I find the demons in time to not only save London, but to save myself too?

The Deadliners by Rachel Medhurst

The Deadliners by Rachel MedhurstThe Deadliners by Rachel Medhurst
Series: Reapers #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 232

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You don’t stop living when you die.

They're called Deadliners, they're spirits, and they play fate with human lives. These 'deadline assignments' have unfinished business which must be cleared by the time they die. What the deadliners don't know, is that by helping others, they clear karma of their own.

They're a strong group of spirits who would do anything for one another - until one of them has to let the leader’s wife die.

If you've ever wondered what happens when you die, this book may give you a new perspective. It's a supernatural page turner that you won't want to put down.