Forbidden by Mike Wells & Devika Fernando

Forbidden by Mike Wells & Devika FernandoForbidden by Devika Fernando, Mike Wells
Series: Forbidden Romantic Thriller Series #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Thriller
Pages: 140

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When Lady Eleanor Sotheby unexpectedly enters the life of Jayne Clark, a 23-year old waitress from Wichita, Kansas, Jayne's world is turned upside down. Not only is she welcomed into a family that she never knew, but she is thrust headlong into the highest strata of European society. Nothing is too grand in the fairy tale lives of the uber-rich--the spectacular seaside villas, the sleek, chauffeured limousines, the outrageously expensive designer clothes. When Jayne plays her part and learns to fit into this new world, she meets Robert Astor, the man of her dreams. But her feelings for Robert are forbidden. Jayne's heady new life begins to unravel into a dark web of deceit, domination, and greed...and she ultimately finds herself confronting an evil that truly has no limits.

Unshaken by Pauline Creeden

Unshaken by Pauline CreedenUnshaken by Pauline Creeden
Series: Sanctuary End Times #1
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 133

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Biblical apocalypse or alien invasion? Either way, John is about to have a bad day.

John Stark is often described as surly. He’s quiet by nature and prefers training dogs for Search and Rescue to an office job. So, when an earthquake collapses a building in Virginia Beach, he answers the call, even though one of the alien ships hovers only a few miles away.

Though the aliens have been inactive for weeks, his wife wants to move farther from them. But when the aliens attack, it is nothing like anyone expected. Now John needs to find his way back to his wife, but the apocalypse stands in the way.

Jack of All Trades by D.H. Smith

Jack of All Trades by D.H. SmithJack of All Trades by D.H. Smith
Series: Jack of All Trades #1
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller
Pages: 247

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A dream job becomes a tale of money, love and murder for Jack, a builder, who gets a job repairing the summerhouse of a millionaire couple. Except the couple are at war, both having affairs, their marriage beyond salvage. The husband fires Jack, but she takes him back on, complicated further when he falls for her secretary. And when there’s a murder, using his tools as the weapon, Jack is prime suspect.

Never Say Spy by Diane Henders

Never Say Spy by Diane HendersNever Say Spy by Diane Henders
Series: The Never Say Spy Series #1
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller
Pages: 402

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…If a kickass middle-aged bookkeeper got sucked into a spy’s life…

Despite her fondness for weapons and ripe language, middle-aged Aydan Kelly’s résumé reads ‘bookkeeper’, not ‘badass’. She’s leaving the city to fulfill her dream of country living when she gets carjacked by a man who shouldn’t exist.

When RCMP officer John Kane kills her attacker, Aydan hopes her troubles are over. But Kane’s investigation implicates her in a techno-espionage plot, and criminal charges become the least of her worries when she finds herself in the crosshairs of the same dangerous group Kane suspects her of aiding.

Armed with only her analytical mind, a warped sense of humour, and a penchant for profanity, Aydan faces off against international spies and an RCMP officer who’s not what he seems.

Pity her enemies. Because nobody’s tougher than a middle-aged woman who wants her dream back.

Gabe by Maryann Jordan

Gabe by Maryann JordanGabe by Maryann Jordan
Series: The Alvarez Security #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Thriller
Pages: 397

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Gabe Malloy was ready to find the woman of his dreams… he just never expected to find her in an alley.

Jennifer Lambert was startled by the tall, handsome man coming to her assistance as she collected food for the homeless.

Convincing the beauty that she needed him was a challenge. Raising her young brother plus the responsibilities of her work kept her from looking for love…but she took a chance on Gabe.

Now that he found her, can he keep her safe when someone threatens her and those she loves?

Calling on his brothers, Alvarez Security races to save her before it is too late.

Fallen Star by Richard Turner

Fallen Star by Richard TurnerFallen Star by Richard Turner
Series: Project Gauntlet #1
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 302

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A sudden and brutal attack on a coalition training camp in Iraq wipes out all but two survivors: Captain David Grant and Australian SAS Sergeant James Maclean. Drawn into a clandestine world that deals with unusual encounters the two soldiers volunteer to help with the investigation into an alleged UFO crash in Alaska. The mission, however, is far from simple as it soon becomes apparent that something dangerous is going on and not everyone is as they appear to be.

Alpha Prince by Sidney Bristol

Alpha Prince by Sidney BristolAlpha Prince by Sidney Bristol
Series: Twisted Royals #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Thriller
Pages: 345

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Once upon a time there was a princess with an evil step mother, who wanted her dead, and a prince ready to stand by her side…

Ian Kelly never thought he'd see her again. The woman who ran out on him after some of the hottest sex of his life. Taylor Carter. He knows a damsel in distress when he sees one, but Taylor doesn't want saving.

Taylor only meant to do the right thing. Now she's on the run from her mafia step-mother and her best friend might be dead. Even the FBI has turned on her, and the only person in her corner is a hot Irishman with a nose for danger.

Ian can't turn his back on Taylor, not when his gut tells him she's an innocent in a den of thieves. Soon enough her past comes calling, and it'll take more than true love's kiss to fix Taylor's problems.

ExtraOrdinary by Danielle K Girl

ExtraOrdinary by Danielle K GirlExtraOrdinary by Danielle K Girl
Series: Extra #1
Genres: Paranormal, Thriller
Pages: 322

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Ryder Carlsson can hear the shadows whisper. And they are calling her name.
Olessia is a runaway with a secret so dangerous, it could destroy worlds.
When the two girls meet, an extraordinary adventure is set to begin.

In the shadowy halls of Clarendon House Ryder stumbles upon a mysterious stranger. Olessia is a girl like no one else on Earth. Powerful and hot-tempered, she is on the run, determined to escape the fate that awaits her.

But Olessia's enemies are not about to let her slip away, and they are prepared to tear our world apart to find her.

Caught up in the chaos, Ryder and her friends must fight to stay one step ahead of the terrifying, otherwordly creatures sent to destroy Olessia.

But just who is Olessia truly running from?
The whispering shadows know the answer. Is Ryder brave enough to listen?

The Pattern Ship by Tobias Roote

The Pattern Ship by Tobias RooteThe Pattern Ship by Tobias Roote
Series: The Pattern Universe #1
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 218

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In the year 2020, a landslide awakens the AI of an alien Escape Pod which had crashed and sunk into a prehistoric swamp. Now it must utilize ancient patterning technology to reconstitute its Master. However, it proves no easy mission as it scours this strange new world for essential materials to rebuild.

As a homeless man, Zeke has worked hard to claim a back-alley as his own territory where a restaurant’s staff leave him food scraps. As if things aren’t bad enough Zeke’s on a dark government watchlist. He has a partial metal skull, forged from a meteorite and hammered into shape by a Middle-Eastern Blacksmith. The strange alloy has irreversibly bonded with his brain and is leaking into his DNA, changing it.

When the newly-revived Master discovers that the only source of an essential component for its ship is the foreign material in Zeke’s head, it faces a difficult moral dilemma. The Master comes from a race that reveres all biological life wherever it is found, and Zeke will die if the metal cap is removed.

It’s left to the AI to find another way?