Wrath by E.H. Reinhard

Wrath by E.H. ReinhardWrath by E.H. Reinhard
Series: Lieutenant Harrington #1
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 199

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Miami homicide lieutenant Nash Harrington has seen countless murders. Blood and bodies are nothing to lose sleep over.

Yet what seems to be a run-of-the-mill murder stemming from infidelity turns into a full-blown killing spree.
For this killer, taking the lives of his wife and her lover is merely the beginning. He’ll take the deceit no more. His decision has been made. All the women who've wronged him in the past will die.

Harrington quickly finds the case turning personal when the killer's focus inches closer and closer to home.

Unknown to the lieutenant, one of his loved ones has a history with the killer. And that history is etched in the killer’s mind.

Act Of Contrition by Dominic Milne

Act Of Contrition by Dominic MilneAct Of Contrition by Dominic Milne
Series: The Eddie Kane Trilogy #1
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller
Pages: 268

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In the first of this new London-based crime trilogy, we meet the rogue Detective Sergeant Eddie Kane. Eddie is a reckless and dissolute operator, under investigation by the force and in debt to local mob chief, Vincent Mullis. When a killer starts targeting prostitutes in north London, Mullis is unusually keen for Eddie to solve the crime, but why?

A serial killer is targeting prostitutes in Islington, the victims having a number of unusual links. The killings begin the same week that convicted killer and local man, Paddy Graham, is released from prison following a life sentence for murder.

DS Eddie Kane has inadvertently found himself under the thumb of Vincent Mullis, who has taken ownership of a debt Eddie has built up with terminally-ill bookmaker, Arnie Duggan. Eddie’s troubles begin to spiral out of control when he is placed under investigation following a drugs-bust gone wrong. While suspended, he is forced to investigate the murders for Mullis, who wants to get to the murderer before the police. He then reluctantly hears a murder confession from his former bookmaker...

In this heart-stopping, gripping crime drama, Eddie’s investigations lead him into a murky world of pornography, murder and revenge, all of which seems to centre around a local church and the charismatic vicar, Jonathan Carter. Eddie is feeling the pressure from all sides, but will there be any chance of salvation?

Abiding Darkness by John Aubrey Anderson

Abiding Darkness by John Aubrey AndersonAbiding Darkness by John Aubrey Anderson
Series: The Black or White Chronicles #1
Genres: Christian, Historical, Thriller
Pages: 480

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Abiding Darkness is Christian fiction… part suspense, part thriller, part romance. Set in Mississippi cotton country, the story anchors itself in the relationship between two children.
It’s 1945… and the war in Europe has just ended. Missy Parker is the crown princess of the Parker family. At seven years of age she’s beautiful, wealthy, willful, and tough as a tractor tire. Junior Washington is an eleven-year-old black child. He lives in a small cabin across the lake from Missy; his parents work on the Parker Plantation. And in the midst of the most defined segregation in our nation’s recent history – Missy Parker and Junior Washington are best friends. When a disciple of Satan sets his heart on destroying the girl, the forces of good and evil meet in bloody combat… and these two children find themselves at the epicenter of a conflict that will forever be called The War At Cat Lake.

The Dead and the Missing by A.D. Davies

The Dead and the Missing by A.D. DaviesThe Dead and the Missing by A.D. Davies
Series: Adam Park #1
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 424

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A brutal international underworld. A lost girl. A PI determined to burn it all.

Former private investigator Adam Park is living a quiet life of surfing and travel. But when a troubled young woman and her manipulative boyfriend disappear, Adam's former mentor cuts that retirement short.

It seems the pair stole something important from the wrong ruthless criminal - evidence that puts his business and reputation under threat.

Using cutting-edge technology, Adam must track the pair through the Parisian underworld and into an international organized crime network that treats human life like a business commodity.

To survive ruthless traffickers, confront corrupt law enforcement, and return the girl safely, Adam must burn down his concepts of right and wrong, and draw upon violent facets of his psyche that he has long denied exist.

Because Adam is a good person.

Isn’t he?

The Missing Children by M A Comley

The Missing Children by M A ComleyThe Missing Children by M A Comley
Series: DI Kayli Bright #1
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 194

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"Please help me!"

The abandoned house is full of whispers.

DI Kayli Bright and her partner are used to dealing with difficult cases.

But nothing prepares them for what lies ahead.

Nothing rocks a community more than the discovery of a child's body.

Everyone, from Kayli's superiors to the press, are demanding answers.

Will Kayli be able to overcome the revelations she's about to uncover?

Can Kayli prevent evil from dominating her patch? Or will her frustrations intensify as the clues dry up.

Will it be a case of someone's thirst for evil being stronger than a detective's desire to obtain justice?

Love in an Undead Age by A.M. Geever

Love in an Undead Age by A.M. GeeverLove in an Undead Age by A.M. Geever
Series: The Undead Age Series #1
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 454

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Surviving the zombie apocalypse was hard…
...but finding true love might be fatal.

Urban farmer Miranda Tucci is lucky to be alive in what's left of California's Silicon Valley, despite a love life that's dead on arrival. Then an old flame turns up and she wonders…
...does her DOA love life have a pulse?
Or will the ghosts of her past collide with the present?

A ruthless governing council controls the cure for the zombie virus. If Miranda joins a plot to steal it, will the vaccine be used for political advantage, or can she survive long enough to usher in a new age of civilization?
It's only the fate of humanity suddenly resting on her shoulders.

If she can bring her love life back from the dead…
...how tough can saving the world be?

You’ll love this completely original story that turns the genre on its head.

Five Knives by D.F. Bailey

Five Knives by D.F. BaileyFive Knives by D.F. Bailey
Series: Will Finch Mystery Thriller #0.5
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 221

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One Reporter.
Three Dead.
Five Knives.

When a man plummets to his death from an apartment tower, Will Finch’s shock soon becomes a nightmare. As he studies the open windows above the corpse, Finch notices a lamp blinking erratically behind a drawn curtain on the eleventh floor.

When he investigates the distress signal, Finch discovers a woman handcuffed to a bedpost. Over the following week, he uncovers a conspiracy that ties the murder to a series of bombshells. The victim’s bankruptcy. A global stock fraud. A murder spree that began in Baghdad and is now haunting the citizens of San Francisco. Is this the work of a serial killer, a copycat — or both?

But before he can file his report for The San Francisco Post, Finch’s leads evaporate. Within days, three victims are dead. Does a pattern of five knife wounds provide a clue? Can he unravel the mystery before he — and his fiancée — are caught up in the web of murder?

Five Knives is the prequel thriller in the Will Finch crime series — a novel that opens on the first day of Will Finch’s journalism career. Everything that Finch learns about crime reporting begins with Five Knives.

Wild On You by Tina Wainscott

Wild On You by Tina WainscottWild On You by Tina Wainscott
Series: Justiss Alliance #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Thriller
Pages: 405

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One untamable SEAL meets a woman who handles the wildest sort of animals—until she herself becomes the hunted.

When Rick Yarbrough, aka Risk, a discharged SEAL with a taste for danger, joins the Justiss Alliance, his first assignment seems like a baby-sitting gig: He must guard an out-of-control general’s daughter. Then he meets his charge.

Addie Wunder is no baby. She’s a dedicated animal-rights activist who isn’t above breaking the law if innocent creatures are threatened. But her work has made her a lot of powerful enemies. If she doesn’t stop, she may just turn herself into an endangered species.

Risk’s mission is to keep Addie out of trouble. But as they grow closer, Addie becomes so much more than a job. And the more he has to lose, the more Risk is willing to put his own life on the line—for her cause, her safety, and her sweet-hot embrace.

Deal with the Devil by Meghan March

Deal with the Devil by Meghan MarchDeal with the Devil by Meghan March
Series: Forge Trilogy #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Thriller
Pages: 247

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“You can put that man in a suit, but he'll never be tame."
One look at Jericho Forge and I knew the rumors were true. He was a predator, and he had set his sights on me.
I knew better than to bet more than I could afford to lose that night. I knew better than to bet myself. But desperation leads to bad decisions, and I thought there was no way I could lose.
I was wrong. Now I have no choice but to make a deal with the devil.

Left To Die by Blake Pierce

Left To Die by Blake PierceLeft To Die by Blake Pierce
Series: An Adele Sharp Mystery #1
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 218

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FBI special agent Adele Sharp is a German-and-French raised American with triple citizenship—and an invaluable asset in bringing criminals to justice as they cross American and European borders.

When a serial killer case spanning three U.S. states goes cold, Adele returns to San Francisco and to the man she hopes to marry. But after a shocking twist, a new lead surfaces, and Adele is dispatched to Paris, to lead an international manhunt.

Adele returns to the Europe of her childhood, where familiar Parisian streets, old friends from the DGSI and her estranged father reignite her dormant obsession with solving her own mother’s murder. All the while she must hunt down the diabolical killer, must enter the dark canals of his psychotic mind to know where he will strike next—and save the next victim before it’s too late.

An action-packed mystery series of international intrigue and riveting suspense, LEFT TO DIE will have you turning pages late into the night.