Fireheart by Elina Vale

Fireheart  by Elina ValeFireheart by Elina Vale
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 83

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No storm could tame the fire in her heart.

Young adventurer Tereus Manfred loves his carefree life traveling the world. But when pirates attack, he gets captured by a beautiful pirate, who forces him to serve her.

At first, Tereus craves his freedom, but as he gets to know his mistress Lissa better, his feelings for her turn in a dangerous direction. Lissa keeps Tereus at an arm's length with her deadly daggers and sharp tongue, and yet he is drawn to her like a moth attracted to a lethal flame.

When Lissa persuades him to escape the pirates and join her hunt for Charmed Mechanics, the mysterious magical items from the past, Tereus doesn't hesitate. He already traded his freedom for his life, but to gain it back, is he prepared to trade his heart?

Sanky Panky Pirate by KuroKoneko Kamen

Sanky Panky Pirate by KuroKoneko KamenSanky Panky Pirate by KuroKoneko Kamen
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 402

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Machete is a hotheaded islander who lives in a place called Cabarete Village. After a botched theft attempt on a merchant ship, Machete decides to become a Sanky Panky instead with the plan to seduce well-to-do, merchant daughters. Machete sets his sights on the sickly yet beautiful daughter of merchant Bartholomew - Lady Blanca. Machete is stumped by the enigma Lady Blanca turns out to be but his seduction is interrupted when pirates attack the village and take Machete's mother hostage.

Machete goes to face Captain Envy, who offers Machete a deal. If Machete can somehow amass the sum of 1,000 pieces-of-eight then Machete can buy back his mother and Cabarete Village’s freedom. Machete convinces a drunkard ex-pirate captain to lend him a ship, seduces a deadly siren witch to get his hands on a map, and sets sail on a quest to find Pirate King Pride’s rumored lost treasure.

Machete gathers an interesting crew along the voyage to the mysterious Lost Island where the treasure is said to be located - a samurai sushi chef, a mermaid with navigating skills, and an ex-Templar Knight. When Machete ends up accidentally killing Captain Gluttony he makes enemies of the Seven Deadly Pirates who rule the seas and who are also after Pride’s treasure. It’s a race to the Pirate King’s gold and time is running out!

The Wind Riders by Kris Kramer

The Wind Riders by Kris KramerThe Wind Riders by Kris Kramer
Series: The Wind Riders Chronicles #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 233

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The Wind Riders. Fabled pirates, who sail the skies on magic airships, protecting the weak and harassing the tyrannical Clerics who rule the nearby city of Tyr. Their very name conjures up dreams of freedom and whispers of hope amongst the Tyran slaves forced to mine treacherous caves and mountains for the only known source of magic in the world. That is, until the Wind Riders are attacked and nearly destroyed by Tyr, who has somehow managed to build an airship of its own.

With many of their ships destroyed and their people dead, the surviving Wind Riders are forced to send a small group of volunteers into the heart of Tyr, the den of their hated enemies, to find allies who can help them continue to fly their remaining ships. Failure would mean certain death for everyone ever known as a Wind Rider, as Tyr is busy preparing their next attack, one that will eradicate the Wind Riders from existence.

Maverick Gambit by Marjorie King

Maverick Gambit by Marjorie KingMaverick Gambit by Marjorie King
Series: Maverick Space Adventures #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 364

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Knox defends his own.

Space is a deadly business, a truth Knox has experienced firsthand. That's why he's so protective of his ship and family. So when pirates plunder an impoverished town--a town that's earned Knox's guarded friendship--he's going to do something about it.

Knox knows the pillagers will be back for more, so his town needs protection from any and all pirates, for years to come. Only one way to do that. His friends need shields to keep their town and children safe, and Knox will get those shields. Even if he has to steal them.

Knox devises a carefully crafted plan and hires the perfect crew. He’ll “borrow” from Caravan Suppliers—the Goliath of space shipping—a company that can afford to lose an expensive shield generator. No one will know he was there. Unfortunately, no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Caravan Suppliers has a dirty slave habit, and they’ll kill to keep it secret. When Knox stumbles onto it, he endangers his crew and his family. Will this mission cost Knox more than he’s willing to pay?

From debut author Marjorie King, Maverick Gambit is the first book in the Maverick Universe. With a layered galaxy full of rich characters, twists, and space battles, it’s perfect for fans of Timothy Zahn and Isaac Asimov. Scroll up and get your copy today!

The Privateersman by Andrew Wareham

The Privateersman by Andrew WarehamThe Privateersman by Andrew Wareham
Series: A Poor Man at the Gates #1
Genres: Historical
Pages: 235

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Escaping the hangman’s noose in England, commoner Tom Andrews finds himself aboard a privateering ship before fleeing to New York at the time of the Revolutionary War. It is a corrupt place where opportunities abound for the unscrupulous. Betrayal forces a hurried return to England where he and business partner Joseph Star, a half Carib freed slave, ruthlessly chase riches in the early industrial boom, investing in iron, mines and cotton. But will Tom’s phenomenal luck desert him as he seeks social standing and lasting affection?

Caribbee by Thomas Hoover

Caribbee by Thomas HooverCaribbee by Thomas Hoover
Genres: Historical
Pages: 440

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Barbados and Jamaica 1648. The lush and deadly Caribbean paradise, domain of rebels and slaveholders, of bawds and buccaneers. Colonists fight a wishful war for freedom against England.

CARIBBEE is the untold story of the first American revolution, as English colonists pen a Declaration of Defiance ("liberty" or "death") against Parliament and fight a full-scale war for freedom against an English fleet -- with cannon, militia, many lives lost -- over a century before 1776.

The powerful story line, based on actual events, also puts the reader in the midst of the first major English slave auction in the Americas, and the first slave revolt. We see how plantation slavery was introduced into the English colonies, setting a cruel model for North America a few decades later, and we experience what it was like to be a West African ripped from a rich culture and forced to slave in the fields of the New World. We also see the unleashed greed of the early Puritans, who burned unruly slaves alive, a far different truth from that presented in sanitized history books. Finally, we witness how slavery contributed to the failure of the first American revolution, as well as to the destruction of England's hope for a vast New World empire.

We also are present at the birth of the buccaneers, one-time cattle hunters who banded together to revenge a bloody Spanish attack on their home, and soon became the most feared marauders in the New World. The story is mythic in scope, with the main participants being classic American archetypes -- a retelling of the great American quest for freedom and honor. The major characters are based on real individuals, men and women who came West to the New World to seek fortune and personal dignity.

The Mosque Hill Fortune by Vivienne Mathews

The Mosque Hill Fortune by Vivienne MathewsThe Mosque Hill Fortune by Vivienne Mathews
Series: The Sons of Masguard #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 307

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A haunting mist sits on the harbor beneath Secora Tor.

It hides a secret that only Captain Marshall, accomplished military figure and heir to the greatest explorer in the kingdom’s history, can unlock. When he receives a cryptic message from a shocking source, the stoic otter sets out on a dangerous journey to save his queen, never suspecting that McKinley the Marauder, notorious pirate and general miscreant, might have ambitions that could put his mission at risk.

Now, accompanied by a gypsy mercenary, a dishonored knight, and a family of thieves – and tailed by the evil wolf Baron Von Ulric – the Captain finds their paths converging in an uneasy alliance, becoming a race against time as they travel through mythical tales to the legendary island of Mosque Hill, each of them hoping to reach an ancient artifact before it is too late. Each of them desperate to stay ahead of the secrets that they keep.

What will they lose along the way?

And where will they turn when they realize that nothing is as it seems?

Ouroboros by Odette C. Bell

Ouroboros by Odette C. BellOuroboros by Odette C. Bell
Series: Ouroboros #1
Genres: Romance, Science Fiction
Pages: 267

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Not all of us are born equal. Some exceed every expectation and excel in every task. Some of us can't even get out of bed in the morning.

Such is life for Cadet Nida Harper. She's universally known as the worst recruit in the Academy. It's not for want of trying; she's just cursed with universal bad luck. Every accident that could happen, does happen.

So it's no surprise when she winds up unconscious on a field mission. It is a surprise when the dreams start. Visions of stars falling from the heavens and civilizations crumbling to dust.

The only silver lining comes in golden boy Lucas Stone. The hero of the Academy, he takes an interest in her. But he'll have to act fast to stop what will happen next....

In Episode One, you are thrust into a sprawling sci-fi adventure that throws you across the galaxy and far through time. Lucas and Nida are pitted against brutal space pirates, mysterious powers, and the greatest enemy of all - the unknown.

Hull Damage by Timothy J. Meyer

Hull Damage by Timothy J. MeyerHull Damage by Timothy J. Meyer
Series: Bad Space #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 547

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Their spaceship is falling apart. There's a substantial bounty on each one of their heads. Their captain is a stark, raving lunatic.

Making a decent living as a space pirate is hard enough, what with the near-constant spaceship repairs, the dogged bounty hunters and the treacherous galactic underworld one must navigate to survive. The crew of The Unconstant Lover, therefore, have plenty on their plate, attempting to both turn a decent profit and stay one step ahead of the forces of law and order.

Now add Captain Nemo – ace pilot, megalomaniac and complete moron – to the mix.

Hell-bent on becoming the most fearsome dread pirate the galaxy's ever seen, Nemo leads his motley crew with bluster and bravado through planetary blockades, space station shoot-outs and rowdy barroom brawls.

Before long, the galaxy at large starts to take notice. Before long, The Unconstant Lover and her crew are caught in the crossfire of a bidding war between three of the galaxy's most dangerous crimelords.

Unconstant Love by Timothy J. Meyer

Unconstant Love by Timothy J. MeyerUnconstant Love by Timothy J. Meyer
Series: Bad Space #3
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 573

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Their fortunes are spent, frittered away on junk food and alcohol. Their crew is dwindled down to its last three members. The galaxy has all but forgotten about them.

Two years have passed since Captain Nemo rose to the heights of galactic infamy only to crash and burn in spectacular fashion. Hiding out in the galaxy’s bloomhole, the three remaining members of The Unconstant Lover’s crew are broke, desperate and ready to murder one another at the slightest provocation.

That’s when they stumble upon the greatest heist the galaxy’s ever seen, all planned and packaged just for them.

That heist will see them robbing blind the most feared megacorp in the galaxy – the impregnable Gitter Consortium. It will take all of the crew’s cunning, firepower and profanity to escape this one with the booty on board – and they’re two men down.

The greatest challenge the cutthroat crew faces, however, is not spice rangers or planetary blockades or corporate secrets – it’s themselves. With seven years of bickering and backstabbing under their belts, it will be a miracle if these three space pirates can pull together enough to pull off this one last job.