The Beast of London by L.D. Goffigan

The Beast of London by L.D. GoffiganThe Beast of London: A Retelling of Bram Stoker's Dracula by L.D. Goffigan
Series: Mina Murray #1
Genres: Historical, Paranormal
Pages: 213

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In this electrifying retelling of a classic tale, Mina Murray takes center stage, embarking on a dangerous adventure...

London, 1890. Mina Murray once lived an adventurous life, but after a tragedy in the forests of Transylvania, she left it all behind. Now she has settled into a quiet routine as a schoolteacher in London, engaged to the respectable solicitor Jonathan Harker, attempting to fit into the stuffy upper class London society to which he belongs.

But when vampires abduct Jonathan, her dark past comes careening into her present. Determined to rescue him, she teams up with her former paramour Abraham Van Helsing and his colleague, Scotland Yard Inspector John Seward.

As they pursue Jonathan's abductors from England to the Low Countries and beyond, Mina realizes that Jonathan's abduction is tied to a larger threat against humanity...

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