The Dragon’s Tear by Chris Weston

The Dragon’s Tear by Chris WestonThe Dragon's Tear by Chris Weston
Series: The Way of Wolves #1
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 274

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Tyyr is a member of Valsair’s secret police. As part of the House of Ravens, she is the first to gather information for her king. She’s a killer, a spy; efficient and self-reliant.

Rumors of a dissenting lord passes through the Houses, and Tyyr is sent to investigate. The heart of the matter is a mysterious jewel known as the Dragon’s Tear. Tyyr must take the gem back to the capital, but the escape becomes a game of cat-and-mouse when the new owners want their possession to remain a secret.

Half the kingdom is all that separates Tyyr from survival. In the cross country trek, Tyyr’s greatest enemy is her own doubt; that this time she doesn’t have what it takes to hold herself together.

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